CNC milling

Owing to the precision of our machines and the experience of our operators we process:
  • various materials: plastics ( PMMA plexiglas, XPS Styrodur, PCW, composite panels (dibond), joinery panels (MDH, HDF, OSB, and plywood), solid surface conglomerate, aluminium
  • in the area of application in millimeters: X-2100; Y-3100; Z-200.

Laser cutting

The multiformat laser is ideal for cutting:
  • various materials: PMMA plexiglas, plywood
  • in the area of application in millimeters: X-1000; Y-600.


Our modern devices (CNC machine and laser) are also used for engraving flat surfaces, in addition to the standard processes of cutting and milling. Depending on the processed material, we create new technological solutions to adapt to the requirements of a particular project. In this way we are able to manufacture elements in all sizes, and of quality and design that perfectly match the standards of even the most demanding projects.


  • the production of forms as elements of machines, and devices, of casings and covers, and of displays´ semi-manufactures,
  • the production of engraved statutory plates, and also plates made using other sublimation and LED lighting technologies (signboard plates),
  • in advertising projects as elements of signboards, lightboxes and advertising panels,
  • semi-manufactures preparation for POS marketing materials,
  • in carpentry and carpentry materials processing (cutting and ornaments).


Thermoplastic materials bending

The modern bending machine for thermoplastic materials allows the processing of the following materials:
  • PMMA plexiglas, PVC, PS, PETG, and polycarbonates
  • in the area of application in millimeters: X-1000; Y-945; Z-15 (4 heating trays)


We have a full technological line that allows the processing of thermoplastic materials such as:
  • solid surface conglomerates, PMMA plexiglas, PVC, HPS, ABS and polycarbonates
  • in the area of application in millimeters: X-1000; Y-1000; Z-400

Flat surfaces sublimation

We are able to incorporate the graphics into flat surface by “ironing” them,
what makes them practically indestructible. It applies to:
  • plastic materials
  • the area size of A3 or its multiplication


  • POS marketing materials production such as stands, displays, toppers and others
  • in a broadly understood home staging field
  • individual interior design with application of conglomerates
    in particular for bathroom and kitchen areas (individual washbasin and paddling pool design)
  • individual interior design of discos, catering premises, shops, and shopping malls
  • individual interior design of hotels and reception areas


Specialized gluing of plastics and other materials

We have created our own technologies for bonding materials. Already today we apply them to bind various elements together in the realization of specific projects. The application of such adhesive solutions aims at high esthetics of the bonding (to avoid e.g. screw and rivet holes). Additionally, it often results in equal tension distribution, and also improves the vibration attenuation capacity and seals the bonding.

LED – based lighting

LED lighting has found application in our projects for economic as well as for practical reasons. LED is distinguished by its durability (up to 50x) as well as energy saving characteristics (up to 10x) in comparison to its traditional equivalent. LEDs further allow safe application and application in places where other lighting types could not be used (e.g. small spaces, limited light emission allowance).

Powder coating

To guarantee a high steel and aluminium material durability we offer the powder coating technology. It is an effective way of protecting metal surfaces. For this purpose we use a furnace with dimensions of 2700x1050x1500 mm and the paint coloring corresponding to the RAL color chart.

Cutting out plotter foil graphics

The high-standard SUMMA cutting plotter allows for different sizes of cut-out graphics, ranging from small up to 1230 mm wide patterns (the second size is solely limited by the width of the cut band). Plotter foil graphics find wide application in small decorative elements as well as large format projects, e.g. vehicle advertising and display windows. Depending on the foil type the application durability reaches up to 10 years.

Vehicle wrapping

Due to our long experience in cutting plotter graphics, we also offer car wrapping as a low budget visual advertising alternative. Car graphics is an effective an affordable means of advertising, and thanks to its mobility reaches a far larger number of spectators than its static alternative (billboards or advertising boxes).


Tube and profile bending

  • materials: aluminium, steel
  • bent material diameter (Ø): ½ – 2 cali


  • materials: aluminium and steel


  • in the production of supporting frames for advertisements and other structures
  • in the production of advertising pylons
  • in the production of barriers, bumpers and other safety devices