Composites-based (commonly dibond)

We commonly use the composite panel in the production of advertising boxes. Due to its durability combined with low weight it perfectly suits this purpose. The standard means of achieving the intended visual effect is the milling of the graphics into the plate and the gluing of plexiglas in various colors to the bottom of it.

The thermoforming devices in our machine park enable us to create three-dimensional forms that project beyond the box body making it far more appealing. Such solutions combined with LED-bases lighting technology (drivers and RGBs) are ideal for the decorating of restaurants ,discos, bars, pubs, hall and reception areas, and spaces in shopping malls and stores.

Aluminium profile-based

We also make one- or two-sided LED advertising boxes on the basis of aluminium profiles. The front is made out of plexiglas, onto which plotter graphics, or UV and other prints can be applied. Additionally, to create a far more pleasing visual effect and increase its functionality, we illuminate the box from the inside with LED diodes. Optionally, it can further be powder coated.


Unilluminated 3D letters (solid, block)

Such branding signs are mostly made out of Styrodur. In most cases they are powder coated in one of the RAL chart colors. To create a more impressive visual effect, the letter fronts are made out of plexiglas or dibond. The end product created in this way is attached directly to the wall surface or using wall suspension rods.

3D letters illuminated towards the front (solid, block)

The front illumination effect is achieved using light permeable materials (mostly plexiglas) for the letter front, and PVC for its sides and bottom. The application of these materials guarantees long durability of the product. The letters are usually attached directly to the wall surface.

3D letters illuminated towards the back (solid, block)

The application of plexiglas for the bottom of the letter and its suspension on rods creates an original visual effect. The light beam enclosed inside the letter (the front and the sides are made out of light impermeable materials – dibond, PVC, plexiglas) scatters across the building façade and the letters remain legible even from considerable distances.


Information boards as an essential element of visual message

Due to their functionality information boards have become the main medium of visual information. In antiquity merchants were using pictograms made out of terracotta or stone plates to identify a line of business. Technological advancement enables us to use equally resistant but considerably lighter materials. Yet the material treatment capabilities, LED-based technology, thermoforming, cold forming, engraving, and plotter foil cutting promote the board`s message and largely advance its looks and quality.

As our product line we offer many types of signboards, and information plates and boards:
  • panel plates,
  • edge-lit signboards,
  • one- and two-sided hanging plates,
  • wall and door signage plates,
  • street name and number plaques,
  • identification plates (OHS, fire protection, emergency routes),
  • pictograms.


Effective display of commercial products

Our high production capability allows for serial manufacturing of advertising panels and counter or cash box displays, such as: toppers, displays, stands, among others, and further items from POS marketing materials range. We use a broad range of materials in the realization of our projects and additionally apply LED lighting and engraved elements. We further execute individual orders for architectural elements, furniture, and lighting in shops, restaurants, bars.

Architectural elements – overall presentation

Combining all technologies of MAG11 we have the capabilities to execute complex orders on a large scale. We not only shape the presentation of a product but also make the large architectural elements for the presentation of an enterprise as a whole (fair stands), service sale and information points (receptions), achievement displays of e.g. sport clubs ( walls of fame).