Two powder coated aluminium layers with a polyethylene core

Composites are extremely ply separation resistant. This characteristics are achieved due to their chemical and mechanical treatment in the production process. Owing to high material resistance and stiffness, they find both indoor and outdoor applications. They are characterized by long durability, low weight, high permeability and thermal expansion parameters, and are easily treatable (forming, cutting, milling, engraving).


  • advertising boxes, plates, and signboards
  • indoor and outdoor decorative constructions
  • architectural elements


SOLID SURFACE, i.e. intermixture of mineral material with acrylic pulp and pigments

SOLID SURFACE materials are ideal for the production of architectural elements, e.g. room separators, separating walls at home, at work or in any other area. The blend of 70 % mineral filler with 30% acrylic pulp and pigments results in high material resistance, especially to mechanical damage, temperature, or chemicals. Such surface radiate an appealing warmth, are agreeable to the touch, and non-porous. Even after a long lifetime in service the performance parameters and the appearance of the material do not alter.


  • kitchen sinks and wash basins
  • reception, kitchen, and bar tabletops
  • sills
  • interior design finish elements
  • finish elements


PMMA, a plastic commonly known as plexiglas

Acrylic glass, the proper name of plexiglas, is a plastic which can be easily chemically and mechanically treated, especially polished, glued, milled, cut, engraved, drilled, and thermoformed. Elements made out of PMMA are pleasing to the eye. High transparency and resistance to the effects of weather make it wildly applicable.


  • in production of POS materials, such as toppers, displays, and other elements of product presentation
  • in edge illuminations of signboards and other advertising items
  • in advertising boxes, and 3D letters
  • in indoor and outdoor architectural elements
  • in interior design elements
  • in decorative items


Polystyrene foam with a higher material strength than Styrofoam

Styrodur (XPS) is a common name of extruded polystyrene. The production technology makes this material much more resistant than the common Styrofoam. It is characterized by low absorbability, low weight combined with low density, yet by high stiffness ,which makes it ideal for the production of 3D letters for outdoors. Furthermore, it is easily treatable, and simple to mount and powder coat.


  • indoor and outdoor letters
  • signs and logos of large dimensions