for those
Who care
Via technology, innovation and the commitment of our staff
we want to effectively meet our customers´ needs
through their rapid and accurate identification.

Our company

MAG 11 was established as independent company in 2011 as a spinoff from MAG Gorzelak i Jasiński, one of the biggest Christmas trees and decoration producers in Europe.
As a former research and development division of its parent company, MAG 11 has been provided with the necessary machines and devices used for the processing of plastics, carpentry plates, conglomerates and metals, among many others.

Today it is a company that combines highly qualified staff and a sound technical infrastructure. Our personnel is sensitive to customers´ needs and aims to provide the highest standard of service. By continuously investing in our machine park we seek to outpace the demand and become the market leader in our field.

Our technology

MAG11 executes its projects in a modern machine park, which enables
us to offer an extensive range of products and services, such as CNC milling,
the treatment of plexiglas, PCW, plywood and dibond, thermoplastic bending,
indoor and outdoor visual advertisements (advertising panels, LED panels, 3D letters).

We are equipped with a professional stock of machinery:

  • the Kiml CNC machine, a thermoforming press
  • a bending machine for plastics
  • a self-adhesive foil plotter
  • tube and profile benders
  • a powder coating oven
  • and many other technologically advanced devices

In addition to these, we construct the necessary devices ourselves depending on the projects
that we are working on (e.g. moulds for thermal treatment).

What we do


Owing to our advanced technology, we are able to provide a wide range of services to our customers.

It encompasses the following standard processes:

  • 2D materials processing (CNC milling and laser cutting including plexiglas cutting with engraving),
  • bending of thermoplastic materials,
  • forming of thermoplastic materials (thermoforming and graphics sublimation),
  • LED technology (light advertising, advertising panels, LED panels, 3D letters, signboard plates).

Using our other devices, we also offer:

  • specialized adhesive solutions to bind different materials together,
  • weld metal and steel,
  • bend tubes and closed aluminium and steel profiles,
  • manufacture LED-based lighting,
  • and powder coat.

Our vast technological capacity and experience enables us to execute an extensive range of orders.

Our product line is targeted at:

  • advertising and marketing companies,
  • architects, designers, home staging companies,
  • POS marketing materials management companies concerning the production of stands, displays, lightboxes, toppers and other product presentation elements,
  • the automotive and household appliances market,
  • furniture manufacturers,
  • shop and retail chains managers, shop owners,
  • and others who care and for whom technology, inventiveness, and commitment are of utmost importance.


Our technologist´s drawing board is never empty.

In addition to the realization of standard orders, such as advertising panels,
displays, constituent and lighting elements
, we are continuously working on
our own product lines.

Already today we can take pride in several exceptional products which are manufactured in series.

If you are interested in MAG 11 products, please visit the products section or our Allegro shop.