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Visual communication

All companies, in greater or lesser extent, want to have their head office or branches are properly recognized. Using different kinds of logos (logo or company’s name) indicate own buildings.

MAG 11 over the years of its operation has succeeded in manufacturing a wide range of options commonly called advertising. Starting from the 3D block letters, through advertising boxes, and ending on information boards, we are able to assist any company in the proper identification of his company. In addition to the production of advertisements, we provide the technical advice at the stage of project preparation, selection of technologies and materials used in such a way to a realization served to the customer over the years. We guarantee high quality of our projects and provide warranty service.

POS materials / displays / interior designs

The experience, which we have in the processing of plastics, aluminum, composites, plywood and MDF allows us to offer a wide range of possibilities for the production of displays as a support for the sale of different kinds of products. The scope of this area of functioning MAG11 also includes elements of the stands, interior design elements of shops and restaurants. We prepare our own projects in close cooperation with the client, as well as act in cooperation with other entities on the basis of a subcontractor.

Ornaments and Decorations

Inseparable from the mother company MAG Gorzelak and Jasinski, we offer a wide range of ornaments. The product range not only includes festive decorations but also elements of decoration and home furnishings. We have a wide range of their own design. Nevertheless, we are able to carry out projects in accordance with the design and expectations of customers. For the production of decorations we use materials such as plywood, aluminum (powder coated or sprayed), composite panels, conglomerate (bathrooms, kitchen), foam and hard PVC, plexiglass (PMMA) as well as XPS. To emphasize the decoration we use LED lighting, as well as use a wide range of colors and types of glitter.